Early Texans from New Hampshire

NameDate of BirthPlace of Birth
in New Hampshire
Abbott, Charles1835New HampshireRepublican legislator and merchant
Aiken, Herman1809DeeringSoldier, surveyor, and pioneer
Allen, EbenezerApril 8, 1804NewportHe was attorney general and secretary of state of Texas under Anson Jones. He assisted Jones in framing the terms of annexation to the United States. He was the first elected state attorney. In 1848 Allen obtained the charter for the Galveston and Red River Railroad Company. In the 1850s he was a promoter and director of the Houston and Texas Central Railway.
Beede, Joshua WilliamSeptember 14, 1871RaymondGeologist and Professor of Geology. Published articles on the geology and paleontology of the upper Paleozoic formations of Texas.
Chadwick, Joseph M.April 1812ExeterMilitary and topographical engineer and acting adjutant general under Fannin at Goliad
Chamberlain, Samuel EmeryNovember 27, 1829Centre HarbourSoldier, adventurer, and artist. He fought in and painted numerous pictures of the battle of Buena Vista. In the Civil War, he rose to brevet brigadier general and took the Fifth Massachusetts Colored Volunteer Cavalry to Clarksville after the war.
Clough, Jeremiah MorrillJune 28, 1819CanterburyLawyer and Confederate infantry officer. He was a Mexican War veteran. During the Civil War, he led the Seventh Texas Infantry Regiment. He was killed at the Battle of Fort Donelson.
Cochran, James1852New HampshireSold supplies to the Texas Army during the Texas Revolution and represented Austin County in the House
Cochran, Robert E.1810New HampshireAlamo defender
Dickey, George E.October 29, 1840WilmotArchitect of many public, commercial, and residential buildings in Houston.
Farnsworth, Joseph EastmanJanuary 31, 1862ManchesterTelephone company executive
Hale, William G.October 9, 1822NewportLaw partner with Ebenezer Allen, practiced law in Galveston, specializing in land suits. was the attorney for the Peters colony
Hall, David GrahamJune 25, 1858AuburnEstablished Foundation to eradicate venereal disease. The foundation’s lobbying efforts contributed to the passage of state laws requiring compulsory blood testing of both parties to marriages and of pregnant women.
Hoit, SamuelFebruary 10, 1781ChesterOwned a league of land on Matagorda Bay under Stephen F. Austin’s fourth empresario contract. He represented Mina (Bastrop) in the Convention of 1832
Huckins, JamesApril 8, 1807DorchesterMinister and founder of many Baptist churches in Texas. Fund raiser for Baylor University
Kendall, George WilkinsAugust 22, 1809Mont Vernon,
near Amherst
Funded the city’s first cheap daily, the New Orleans Picayune. He was the nation’s first war correspondent during The Mexican American War. He played a major role in promoting the sheep business in Texas
Kingsbury, Gilbert D.Early 1800sDartmouthLecturer for the Illinois Temperance Society on Texas subjects and frontier life
Long, Stephen HarrimanDecember 30, 1784HopkintonRailroad executive and explorer of the West
MacGregor, Henry FrederickApril 25, 1855LondonderryRailroad executive and Republican Party leader
Neal, Solon D.1846HanoverMedal of Honor for actions at the Battle of the Little Wichita River against the Kiowa Indians
Peirce, Thomas WentworthAugust 16, 1818DoverRailroad executive and attorney for the Houston and Texas Central Railway Company.
Phelps, Timothy B.1790sOxfordHe was a teacher in Stephen F. Austin’s colony in Texas.
Pratt, Henry CheeverJune 13, 1803OxfordSouthwest landscape artist
Rankin, MelindaMarch 21, 1811LittletonEstablished Presbyterian church schools in Texas and Mexico. Wrote Texas in 1850 and Twenty Years Among the Mexicans, A Narrative of Missionary Labor.
Redfield, Henry PrenticeMay 27, 1819DerryEarly colonist, soldier in the Texas   Revolution and the Mexican War
Streeter, Thomas WinthropJuly 20, 1883ConcordBusinessman, collector of Texana, and author assembled the largest private Texana collection
Storrs, AugustusApril 5, 1791HanoverTrader on Santa Fe Trail
Wheelock, Eleazar Louis RipleyMarch 31, 1793HanoverEstablished the town of Wheelock in what is now Robertson County where he was surveyor, land agent, lawyer, rancher, farmer, and soldier. He organized and captained a company of Texas Rangers in the Texas Revolution. In the Republic of Texas, he served as a regional land commissioner and Indian commissioner.  
Young, Charles GliddenApril 7, 1816GraftonRailroad executive and industrialist

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