New Englanders on Names of Counties in Texas

Ebenezer Allen was not the only New Englander to make his mark in Texas. The contributions and importance of these immigrants are immediately evident in the names of counties in the Lone Star State.

James Harper Star
Handbook of Texas
Dewitt Clinton Hall
Daniel Montegue Wikipedia
James Harper Wikipedia
Sidney Sherman
Anson Jones
Texas State Library and Archives Commission

Of the 253 Texas counties, ten are named in honor of people who were born in New England.:

Connecticut                    1

  • Starr County – James Harper Starr (1809–1890), a treasurer for the Republic of Texas and Confederate official

Maine                     2

Massachusetts        4

  • Montague County – Daniel Montague (1844–1846), a state senator and early surveyor
  • Jones County – Anson Jones, the fifth president of the Republic of Texas  (1844–1846)
  • Lynn County – William Lynn, a soldier in the Texas Revolution who is believed to have died defending the Alamo
  • Sherman County – Sidney Sherman (1805–1873), a soldier in the Texas Revolution

New Hampshire     2

  • Kendall County – George Wilkins Kendall, an early journalist and sheep rancher who gained national fame as a war correspondent during the Mexican American War
  • Cochran County – Robert E. Cochran (1810–1836), a defender of the Alamo

Vermont                1

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