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Biography – We visited several Civil War sites this year.





National Museum of African American History









Presenting class at Collin College

Classes  –  I have stopped teaching classes in  the SAIL program at Collin College to concentrate on writing. 

I am continuing my lectures on various topics to Civil War Roundtables, libraries, and senior citizen organizations.



Book_Tour_March_April 026

Presentation at First United Methodist Church of Allen


Talk at Senior Center in Pennsylvania








Book_Cover_Teacher_of_Civil_War_GeneralsTeacher of Civil War Generals is available in paperback and Kindle editions.





Your Affectionate Father, Charles F. Smith contains letters General Smith sent to his daughter, Fanny, during the expedition to the Canadian border, Mormon campaign to install federal officers in the Utah Territory, and the Civil War.


charles_a-_marvin___cover_for_kindle-1Charles A. Marvin – “One Year, Six Months, and Eleven Days” can be purchased on Amazon.




Cover_Preparing_for_DisunionMy latest Civil War book, Preparing for Disunion – West Point Commandants and the Training of Civil War Leaders is scheduled to be released by McFarland Publishing in late September.



I have spent most of 2018 working on the biography Ebenezer Allen – Statesman, Entrepreneur, and Spy. Please see my blog on Allen’s Civil War activities.

Allen Mesch Author 004

Doing some research at home

Resources – Please see some of the resources that I use in my writing and teaching.






At Gettysburg National Battlefield

Speaking Request – I would be delighted to speak to your organization.

Please check out the topics.






IMG_4860 (1)

Saquaro National Park – East





IMG_4843 (1)

Saquaro National Park – East





IMG_4795 (1)

White Sands National Monument








IMG_5119 (2)

Petroglyphs – Saquaro National Park – West 






Sketch Pad – My random thoughts and philosophical musings.


Composing on the laptop








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