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2020 Survivor 


A commentary is [1] a series of comments,  explanations, or annotations. [2] an explanatory essay or treatise. [3] anything serving to illustrate a point,  prompt a realization, or exemplify: series of comments, explanations, or annotations.

Some comments are too long to add as a post. The commentary section presents longer discussions.


I am continuing my lectures on various topics to Civil War Roundtables, libraries, and senior citizen organizations. I am also available for Zoom presentations.

FUMC Plano

Allen at First United Methodist Church in Plano

Book_Tour_March_April 026

Presentation at First United Methodist Church of Allen


Talk at Senior Center in Pennsylvania



Cover for Ebenezer Allen – Statesman, Entrepreneur, and Spy

My latest book, Ebenezer Allen – Statesman, Entrepreneur, and Spy, is available on Amazon for $19.95


Allen Mesch Author 004

Doing some research at home

Please see some of the resources that I use in my writing and teaching.

Speaking Request and Upcoming Events

Allen_Mesch_GAR (2)

At Civil War Roundtable in Philadelphia

I would be delighted to speak to your organization.

I am available for Zoom presentations.

Please check out the topics.


Covid 19 has kept us from traveling in 2020. 

IMG_4860 (1)

Saguaro National Park – East

IMG_4843 (1)

Saguaro Cactus

IMG_5119 (2)

Petroglyphs – Saguaro National Park – West

Sketch Pad


Composing on the laptop

My random thoughts and philosophical musings.

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