Here are some pictures from our travels.


Allen in the prep lab at Wyoming Dinosaur Museum


Allen in the prep lab removing stone around fossil


Allen and Bill Baxter at Lloyd Tilghman House in Paducah, KY

Covid 19 has kept us shut-in in 2020. We hope to be on the road as soon as the CDC gives the all-clear.



1 Response to Travels

  1. Doug Flaten says:

    Hi Allen, from Doug Flaten. I and my wife and niece and her husband visited with you in the South Unit of Theodore Roosevelt National Park on June 27th. I am the guy who had the HSTRY license plate, if you remember that. We enjoyed meeting you, and I have been looking at your website. I really appreciate your interest in the Civil War. Like I said, I have never traveled to the east, but it is on my list, with special emphasis on anything related to the Civil War. Have you ever read of the Fisk Wagon Train of 1864? That is a very interesting incident that happened during the Civil War, and is closely related to the Battle of Killdeer Mountain. You were about a one-hour drive from each of these sites, when you were in Medora. Anyway…take care, and enjoy your travels. Doug


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