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  • The Analyst -When Professor Russell Conrad received a call to fly to Washington, he didn’t expect that he would find himself in Saudi Arabia trying to rescue the President and prevent a nuclear war. After Conrad is summoned to Washington, he finds himself on Air Force One as part of an American delegation to a secret peace conference in Saudi Arabia. President Omar Sanjar’s hopes of forming a lasting Middle East peace are shattered when the American delegation is kidnapped. Their captors’ ransom demands present a moral dilemma that threatens to plunge the Middle East into a nuclear war. Conrad’s role is transformed from CIA adviser to an agent as he tries to rescue Sanjar and warn Israel of the impending missile attack.
  • Teacher of Civil War Generals: Major General Charles Ferguson Smith, Soldier and West Point Commandant From the training field at West Point to the entrenchments at Fort Donelson, Charles Ferguson Smith was the soldier’s soldier.  The call of duty was a magic sound for which he was always ready to make every sacrifice. He was the very model of a soldier, calm, prudent, self-poised, and bold. During his 40-year military career, these qualities earned him the respect and admiration of his peers.  However, his story is more than an account of battles fought and victories won. Through his correspondence, we discover a man who combined the qualities of a faithful officer, an excellent disciplinarian, an able commander, and a modest, courteous gentleman.
  • Your Affectionate Father, Charles F. Smith – Letters written to Smith’s daughter, Fanny, during his time as a colonel in the Tenth Infantry Regiment. The letters deal with the expedition to the Red River of the North in the Minnesota Territory and the match to the Utah Territory as part of the Mormon War.
  • Preparing for Disunion – An examination of the role of military training at the United States Military Academy at West Point in preparing officers for service in the American Civil War. The history examines the impact of the Commandant of Cadets on future generals.
  • The Forgotten Texas Statesman – Who was this man who 1.) Was appointed Attorney General of the Republic of Texas, 2.) Served as interim Secretary of State, 3.) Assisted in the Annexation of Texas to the United States, 4.) Elected the first elected Attorney General of the State of Texas, 5.) Obtained first railroad charter in Texas, 6.) Became a local advocate of Spiritualism, 7.) Represented engineers and inventors in their dealings with the Richmond government, 8.) Served as a civilian member of the Confederate Engineering Bureau, 8.) Died mysteriously in Richmond, Virginia, and 9.) Had a town in north Texas named after him?
  • The Third Rebellion is a novel about political and social unrest in the United States of America. The book is a work of fiction. The Third Rebellion is not a prediction of future events, a political manifesto, a condemnation of American society, a denunciation of a political party, or a call to action. It is a story about an American revolution or rebellion which the author created from personal observations during the past 10 years.


American Civil War

  • Engineering Victory – The contributions of military and civilian engineers to the Union and Confederate war efforts. The collection of biographic sketches includes Joseph G. Totten,  John Ericsson, Dennis Hart Mahon,  Herman Haupt, and others.
  • From Bullets to Barrels – The American oil and gas industry before, during, and after the Civil War. How Civil War veterans helped build the petroleum industry.

Political Thrillers 

  • The Traitor – Back in Dallas, Professor Conrad is attacked by terrorists and is rescued by Mossad Agent Sophia Kessler. Conrad and Kessler find themselves pursued by FBI Agent Verlinda Williams while trying to prevent an attack on Texas refineries.
  • The Assassin – An assassin plans revenge and Conrad is in the middle.

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