The Analyst



When Professor Russell Conrad received a call to fly to Washington, he didn’t expect that he would find himself in Saudi Arabia trying to rescue the President and prevent a nuclear war. After Conrad is summoned to Washington, he finds himself on Air Force One as part of an American delegation to a secret peace conference in Saudi Arabia. President Omar Sanjar’s hopes of forming a lasting Middle East peace are shattered when the American delegation is kidnapped. Their captors’ ransom demands present a moral dilemma that threatens to plunge the Middle East into a nuclear war. Conrad’s role is transformed from CIA advisor to an agent as he tries to rescue Sanjar and warn Israel of the impending missile attack.

Main Characters

  • Dr. Russell Conrad – Consultant for the CIA on Middle Eastern Economics and Energy and Director of the Cowell Center at SMU
  • Omar Sanjar – President of the United States
  • David Abraham – Director of the Special Operations Division of the Mossad or “Metsada” which is involved in assassination, paramilitary operations, sabotage, and psychological warfare
  • Glen Fitzpatrick – Deputy Director, Near Eastern and South Asian Analysis, CIA
  • Prince Iban bin Saoud – Minister of Petroleum and Mineral Resources for the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia and friend of President Omar Sanjar
  • Yossuf bin Ibrahim – Leader of cell Gamera of the Dubai Jihad
  • Lawrence Glidden – Vice President of the United States
  • Randy Cavendar – Secretary of Defense
  • Stephen Claremont – Director of the Central Intelligence Agency
  • Donna Caruthers – Intelligence Collection Analyst,  Near Eastern and South Asian Desk, CIA
  • Harlan DuBois – Secretary of State
  • Margaret “Maggie” Louise GuntherNational Security Agency Chief of Staff

Places in The Analyst

Images of the the Battle of Greasy Grass or the Battle of the Little Big Horn.

What’s the connection? Read the book to find out.

Sample Chapters and Reading Guide

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