Coming in August – Preparing for Disunion


The ad for Preparing for Disunion is on Amazon. The book is available for pre-orders with a publication date of August 25, 2018. 


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Preparing for Disunion: West Point Commandants and the Training of Civil War Leaders

McFarland just notified me that the official title of my new book will be Preparing for Disunion: West Point Commandants and the Training of Civil War Leaders. 

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Rewriting History – Revision vs. Negationism

I am putting the finishing touches on a presentation for First Methodist Church of Plano. The PowerPoint talk will be on March 15 lunch hour.   Please see the following outline:

  • “Lost Cause” of the Confederacy
  • Causes of the Civil War
  • Blacks Fought for the Confederacy
  • Slaves were Treated Well
  • White Supremacy
  • Confederate Statues – Leave or Remove

Please contact me if you would like more information on talk.

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Manuscript Completed and Mailed

There is great satisfaction in completing a manuscript and sending it to the publisher. I was pleased to complete the task for my new (unpublished) book, Preparing for Disunion. Not surprising, it took more time than I thought it would. There were many items that needed checking: content, size of citations, and dimensions of images.  The book is in the hands of McFarland Publishers. Now I am slowing returning to the land of the living and all those jobs I postponed the last four months.

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I am happy to inform you that McFarland & Company has agreed to publish my new book, Preparing for Disunion. The book focuses on how the West Point Commandant of Cadets prepared cadets for the Civil War. The military instructors provided the basis on which an officer could develop his career. Very little has been written about the educator’s role in training officers for their role in the war. Preparing for Disunion explains their impact on the young men who would become Civil War generals.


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Preparing for Disunion – Status Report

McFarland Publishers is reviewing my submission for Preparing for Disunion. I hope to hear from them in a couple of weeks.

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New Review of The Analyst

the_analyst_cover_for_kindleThe Analyst is Dr. Russell Conrad, a university professor and Director of the university’s think tank on International Economics and Governments. He counts high level members of the CIA as friends and colleagues who call on his expert knowledge of the Middle East. Acting as advisor to the team, he accompanies the President of the United States to a secret meeting in Saudi Arabia. The President is convinced this meeting will secure peace in the region among the warring factions. Instead, Dr. Conrad finds himself in the middle of a terrorist plot to hold the President hostage and launch nuclear war. If you like a fast-paced political thriller, you will enjoy the plot, the sub-plots, and the guesswork of who is foe or friend.

This story is loaded with plots and sub-plots as well as complicated characters each with their own stories. All intertwine and slam together with precision timing. As complicated as the plot and characters are, you’ll never lose your place. You’ll follow along as if you are part of the team. There is enough intrigue to satisfy those who love to solve a mystery, enough bloodshed to make thrill-seekers smack their lips. It provides insight into the challenges and conflicts that the Middle Eastern countries face with each other and their place in the world.

This story was written in 2010, but the issues and threats to world peace are still pulsing, possibly escalating. Take a look and worry for the future.

Please see Amazon review.  Thanks to Michelle Ferrer for her great review.

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