Presentations on Teacher of Civil War Generals – October 7, 2015

I had the pleasure on October 7, 2015 to make two presentations on the Teacher of Civil War Generals.


Display Board for Talks on Teacher of Civil War Generals

The day began with a 7:00 a.m. talk on General Smith for the Plano Kiwanis.  I used my display board for this low-tech presentation and distributed pictures of the events I was describing.  I had some good conversations with members before the breakfast session. Many thanks to Bobby Andrews for the arrangements.

I spent most of the day modifying my PowerPoint presentation for the program that evening.


Learning about City of Allen History

The Allen Heritage Guild  invited me to speak about General Smith during their evening meeting. I used my PowerPoint slides for the talk. I was pleased that students from the honors history program at Allen High School were in attendance. I spent a little more time on the cadet life at the US Military Academy.  The attendees were amused by the antics of Edgar Allan Poe at West Point. Many thanks to Anne Gifford for inviting me to speak to the group.


Attendees gathering for presentation

About Allen Mesch

Allen is an author, educator, and historian. He has written six books: The Analyst; Teacher of Civil War Generals; Your Affectionate Father, Charles F. Smith; Charles A. Marvin - "One Year. Six Months, and Eleven Days", Preparing for Disunion, and Ebenezer Allen - Statesman, Entrepreneur, and Spy. He taught classes on the American Civil War at Collin College. He has visited more than 130 Civil War sites and given presentations at Civil War Roundtables.
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