The Time for Action is Now


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As the nation deals with two epidemics, Covid 19 and racism, it is time for American writers to address the longest-lasting disease — racism.




Black authors have written on the subject for decades. They have described the cruelty they suffered and how they have dealt with it. They do not need encouragement to continue telling the story, reminding young Blacks about their history, and advocating for change.


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Twelve Years a Slave

Now is the time for White authors to increase their efforts. Racism is not just a Black problem. Nor is it a Latino, Asian, Moslem, or Jewish problem.  It is a worldwide problem, but especially an American problem. Our racist society began with the importation of slaves in the 17th century to work on plantations. These slaves brought farming technology with them. Technology that their slave owners were happy to employ. Slaves were bred like farm animals to produce children who would grow into strong adults to labor in the slave owner’s fields. This slavery was accompanied by lash and rape. Slavery became THE stain on America. Racism institutionalized and perpetuated that disgrace.



Uncle Tom’s Cabin

White writers should explore the roots of this inherited disease. They should produce books for all ages. We must recognize that racism is maintained and disseminated by ignorance. I believe this can be cured through education. Black authors should tell the story of how Blacks have suffered, how they have triumphed over adversity, and recommend courses of action. However, Blacks cannot solve the problem alone. Racism exists in the minds of White people and its eradication must include changing these minds.

Twenty-five Crucial Books About Racism In America

From 25 Crucial Books About Racism In America

Books about American slavery

From Books About American Slavery

About Allen Mesch

Allen is an author, educator, and historian. He has written six books: The Analyst; Teacher of Civil War Generals; Your Affectionate Father, Charles F. Smith; Charles A. Marvin - "One Year. Six Months, and Eleven Days", Preparing for Disunion, and Ebenezer Allen - Statesman, Entrepreneur, and Spy. He taught classes on the American Civil War at Collin College. He has visited more than 130 Civil War sites and given presentations at Civil War Roundtables.
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